1. Download API v0.3.2 Java API to access and modify semantic information within the Wiktionary.

    You could use SemWiktionary to generate a set of RDF triples, an offline dictionary…

  2. Download DB (80MB, 7z) Neo NoSQL database containing all the Wiktionary's extracted information.

    You could use of subset of the SemWiktionary database in an app, it’s under CC-BY-SA!

  3. Read documentation JFlex parser that generates the database.

    Unfortunately, the SemWiktionary parser currently supports only the French edition. Fork and help!


  • Code: GPL.
  • Database: CC-BY-SA.

Word data

  • definitions & their position;
  • examples for each definition;
  • lexical category (noun, verb…);
  • pronunciation.

Presentation (in French)


SemWiktionary was an end-of-studies project for the French engineering school Polytech’Nice.

Made by:

It is offered as a quite documented open-source project. Open issues if needed.